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A Working Visa (KITAS) with index 312 is sponsored by an Indonesian entity, this can include Indonesian owned Local Company, Foreign owned PMA companies, Foreign Representative Offices (KPPA), and formal or not for profit institutions (Yayasan).

Sponsors of the Working Visa (KITAS) applicants are legally responsible for the expatriate’s conduct during their time in Indonesia, to pay charges and fines if the respective applicants do not have the ability to do so. It is important for sponsors to be aware of these responsibilities.

Visa Benefits

The ITAS 312 is valid for either 6 months or 12 months depending on the type of work you wish to do. The application process takes 45 days.

  1. Work legally in Indonesia
  2. Travel freely in and out of the country
  3. Receive discounted medical care and discounts at many local attractions

Sponsor Requirements :

  • Copy color Article of Association
  • Copy color Legalization of the legal entity status by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights
  • Copy color Company Tax Identification Number (NPWP)
  • Copy color Domicile Letter from the local district authority
  • Copy color SITU/HO, TDP dan SIUP (if any)
  • Copy color Business Indetification Number (NIB)
  • Copy color of Business Permit
  • Copy color of Location Permit
  • Copy color of Environment Permit
  • Copy color of Manpower Report and Company Welfare Report
  • Copy color of Director ID card (KTP) and Personal Tax Identification Number
  • Copy color ID card, Photo, Phone Number and Email Address of Local Staff as Assitent foreign worker
  • Copy color of Company or Foreign Worker Bank Statement (at least 3 months)
  • Company Letter Head and Company Stamp

Applicant Requirements :

  • Copy color of Graduated Certificate (Diploma)
  • Copy color of Reference Letter
  • Copy color of Passport (cover and biodata)
  • Photo size 4 × 6, 3 × 4 and 2 × 3, respectively 6 pieces (red background)
  • Copy color of Working Agreement
  • Copy color of Insurance Polis
  • Address in Bali
  • Email address and phone number

Documents Received :

  1. Expatriate Placement Plan (RPTKA)
  2. Notification. After Notification issued, please pay Skill & Development Fund Fee to the BNI ’46 for one year in advance, amounting to US$1,200 (nonrefundable)
  3. Telex Visa (Limited Stay Visa). Before Telex Visa issued, please pay fot Visa Fee to the BNI ’46 with amount US$ 150
  4. Limited Stay Permit (KITAS) and Multiple Exit and Re-Entry Permit (MERP)

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