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Indonesia is one of the most attractive places in the world to spend your retirement. There are some requirement how to make retirement visa (319).

Some of the benefits you can get from retirement in Indonesia :

  • You can stay in Indonesia for years and enjoy old age.
  • Enter and exit countries as often as you want.

Processing :

  1. Getting e-Visa. We will prepare all the necessary documents and obtain an e-Visa type 319. The process takes about 10 -14 business days. After e-Visa is ready, we will send it by e-mail or WhatsApp
  2. Visa registration. You need to bring your passport to any of our offices within 7 days after arriving in Bali (or after your visa is issued if you are already here) to register your visa in Immigration and obtain a re-entry permit (required). The process takes 2 weeks. You will need to show up at Immigration once for photos and fingerprints.
  3. The last step: you will receive your passport back and KITAS online.

Indonesia is a home to multi-cultures and customs and exotic nature. To enable foreign national retirees to enjoy their retirement age and stay longer in the country, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia have facilitated them with the Government Regulation Number 31 of 1998 and the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia Number M.04.IZ.01.02 of 1998. These regulations allow foreign national retirees to be granted with limited stay permit cards and even with permanent stay permit cards so that they can stay longer in the country.

Requirements :

  1. At least 55 years old
  2. No plan to work or to run a business
  3. Copy color of Passport (Full pages, min. validity 18 months)
  4. Copy color Proof of Retirement
  5. Copy color Bank Account Transacations (at least the last 3 months)
  6. Copy color life and health insurances either from your home country or Indonesia
  7. Copy color lease agreement of house to live in Indonesia and Identity Card (KTP) of House Owner
  8. Copy color identity card domistic helper (min. 2 person)
  9. Photo size 4 × 6, 2 pieces (red background)
  10. Email address and phone number
  11. Address in Bali

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